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Our Reputation

A Collection of Watches
Here are just a few of the watches that eAshland
has handled within the last year.

eAshland's reputation will be known throughout the world. eAshland has been the top bidder at many auctions and has paid the most for a number of important watch collections. We have been and still are the mail order company in the industry. We will pay the highest price for any and all timepieces.

R. Gilbert has been co-authoring The Complete Price Guide to Watches with Tom Engle and Cooksey Shugart for 15+ years. With the grand opening of eAshland's new website, we are bringing the vintage watch and jewelry market to everyone and educating people about the joys and benefits of collecting investment quality pocket watches, wristwatches, jewelry, and objects of vertu.

Richard M. Gilbert knows that he has large shoes to fill but is more than up to the task.


"I'm grateful for you taking time to talk to me this morning, kind man, about Aunt Sally's watch."

-G. G.

"Exquisite gold locket, brilliant packaging & prompt delivery ~ Many thanks!"

-S. R.

"You represent your jewelry honestly, and I am always happy to buy selections from you."

-T. W.

"He was such a gentleman and made me feel so much at ease. (Referring to Mr. Richard M. Gilbert)"

-B. F.

"Your book, The Complete Price Guide to Watches, has been a great help to me, thanks for the wealth of information on pocket watches."

-V. M.

"Dear Rick,
I love the IWC! Thank you for your time and patience....It is a pleasure to work with you."


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